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Druk Rafting Service

The Company, Druk Rafting Service Bhutan

Druk Rafting Service is managed and led by the team of local enthusiast who are born and brought up just next to the river where rafting adventure is based on (Mo Chu).  We know our rivers more than anyone else in this rafting business as this place has been our childhood play field and now it is our workplace.

Being the native of Punakha valley of Bhutanese prime tourism destination we are driven by our country’s economic policy of ‘Gross National Happiness’. As the policy entails we guarantee the best value for money trip at the most affordable price that not only allows you to float down the river but also offers unique chance to enjoy the serene view of the spectacular valley – happiness is guaranteed!

Our topmost priority is the safety of our guest as the utmost priority. We provide rafter with safety jackets, 100% PFD's, helmets and river-friendly clothes. We use high quality inflatable rubber raft capable of giving extraordinary performance, agility, stability and maneuverability from NRS, USA. Our rafts can swift through the wildest and strongest of waves and guarantee hundred percent safety.

Wonderful environment of the Himalayas is also an extremely fragile one. At Druk Rafting Service, we are extremely conscious about the environment and aim to minimize our impact as much as possible. Our staff members are well motivated towards eco-friendly practices. Apart from abiding by the strict ecological regulations set by Tourism council of Bhutan, we take all possible responsibility to help protect and preserve this beautiful environment.

Unlike many adventure companies who own only glossy catalogues claiming to be the best in the field, we own and operate entire operation/execution with our most honest marketing approach free of any promotional gimmick.


Tandin Dorji, the founder of Druk Rafting Service, hails from the picturesque valley of Punakha. After graduating in Humanities he has tried his career potential in every available fields – movie actor to military man, raising poultry to cyber cafe business, mushroom farming to teaching in a school. Eventually in one fine morning he found himself working as a Tour leader which, not only fine-tuned his career graph but also instigated him to try something on his own to cash in on the ever increasing business potentiality in Bhutanese tourism industry.

After several rounds of consultation with families, friends, colleagues and patrons he finally registered start ‘Druk Rafting Service’ as a highly proactive rafting outfit in July 2011 on recommendation of Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) with duly approved licence from the Royal Government of Bhutan.

Mr. Tashi  is the man at the helm of Druk Rafting Service. Hailing from Mongar in the eastern corner of Bhutan Tashi is certified as WRT (Rescue 3 International) professional river guide from Nepal. Apart from being the expert river guide he bears very humble character, always taking the safety of his support crew and the guests on top most priority. His easygoing and enthusiastic personality certain to bring a joyous moment. Raft guide as well as safety kayaker.

Mr. Tenzy, from Lhuntshe being a high school graduated took his interest in the rivers of Punakha. Raft guide as well as safety kayaker and a very decent and polite gentleman unless someone bothers him and his family then he is bad.  Buut otherwise he make sure everyone is safe and having fun...Paddle in Air

Mr. Tshering, quiet and clam by nature but extremely supportive when it comes to a team effort. Native from Central Bhutan, Tshering has been a key support member at Druk Rafting Service since its inception, Specialized as Raft guide in river grades 1- 3+.

Mr. Kaka, a cheerful lad from Punakha, is one of the finest kayaker in the country. As a safety kayaker, he pilots the raft to make sure everything ahead is fine and safe and always there in case of any emergency, a experienced raft guide in both the rivers of Punakha. Phochu and Mochu as well well as safety for client and crew.

Mr. Purna, by birth from south of Bhutan, high school graduated  and his interest for river has brought him to Punakha working in various agencies and finally joined bringing his lots of rafting experience to share with his new team. very Calm and quite and polite guy.

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