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Bhutan - Happiness is a place

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Bhutan, ‘the land of Thunder Dragon’ and ‘the last Shangri La’ on earth, is situated in the lap of Eastern Himalayas between India and the People's Republic of China. Covering an area of 18000 sq miles, the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most isolated nations in the world.

Virtually the entire country is mountainous, and ranges in elevation from 100m along the Indian border to the 7,554m Kulha Gangri peak on the Tibetan border. These two extremes frame a landscape which stretches from sub-tropical to arctic like conditions. The maximum East-West stretch of the country is approximately 300 km and north-South about 150 km. The smaller in size, the country is bestowed with rich bio-diversity harboring around 300 medicinal herbs and 165 endangered species.

The Buddhist faith has played and continues to play a fundamental role in the cultural, ethical and sociological development of Bhutan and its people. Each region of Bhutan has its own, historical, geographical, cultural, traditional and religious significance. Stupas and chortens line the roadside commemorating places where Guru Rinpoche or highly revered spiritual gurus may have stopped to meditate. Prayer flags dot the hills fluttering in the wind – constantly maintaining communication with the heavens.

Spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora & fauna, unique ancient Buddhist monasteries, the most hospitable and friendly people make a visit to Bhutan a truly enjoyable experience.

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